Version 2 of Stock Sync – Migration Guide

Introduction Version 2 of Stock Sync for WooCommerce Free / Pro has been released. It includes a lot of improvements which increase performance and usability of the plugin such as: New REST API endpoints which allow syncing to happen in one request instead of two Primary – Secondary Inventories instead of multiple Primary Inventories to…

How to Display “Add $ X to cart and get free shipping” on Checkout

Many stores have free shipping limit which gives free shipping to the customer when the cart subtotal exceeds certain amount. Free shipping limit is a great way to increase average order value. For example, if average order value is $ 75, you can try to set free shipping limit to $ 100 to increase AOV….

How to Add Extra Shipping Charge For a Product

Do you have some product which is costly to ship and want to charge extra for it? But you don’t want to create separate shipping method but instead use your existing one? In this tutorial we will go over how you can add extra price to shipping rates depending on the products in the cart….

How To Disable WooCommerce Shipping Methods Based on Category

WooCommerce provides support for filtering shipping methods based on country out of the box. For more advanced filtering a code snippet or a plugin is needed. This tutorial shows how to disable a shipping method based on a product category. For example, you might have a product category for large kitchen appliances which may be…

How to Show Price for a Free Shipping Method in WooCommerce

WooCommerce hides prices for free shipping methods. This may be confusing for customers but fortunately, it’s easy to show the price $0,00 for shipping methods with a short code snippet. Snippets may be added using functions.php in the theme files or even better, by using Code Snippets plugin. Here’s the code for showing price for…